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Size 2: S

LEGGING-600FT-S Size 2: S

LEGGING-600FT-S Size 2: S

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Product Description

Very warm thermoactive leggings recommended for long dives at low temperatures, were designed for users requiring exceptional thermal protection under water. Structure of the material used creates a combination of excellent thermal insulation and breathability. Owing to the soft cover from the inner side of the fabric, the leggings provide thermal comfort and can be used successfully as the first, closest to the body layer of clothing. It is also perfect as the second additional warming layer. High elasticity of the material makes the leggings fit perfectly to the body and do not restrict freedom of movement. Aesthetic finishing and flat seams provide convenience and comfort of use. Quick drying and antiallergic (do not cause allergies), easy to wash and use.

Perfect for winter sports.

The leggings do not have any uncomfortable inserts – information on the product (size and washing instructions) is pressed in the form of a small applique onto the inside of the leggings. 

600 FT
The material, from which the underwear is made, is a high-quality fleece fabric characterised by very good thermal insulation properties. Owing to the thick structure, it provides excellent insulation against the cold and wind and keeps dry and warm microclimate of the skin. It is hydrophobic, i.e. it does not stop moisture in the amount greater than 1% of its weight so that the fabric is always dry and soft to the touch. The microscopic air bags in the material structure produce thermal insulation retaining body heat. Sweat secreted during the physical effort is absorbed by the fabric inner layer, while the outer layer releases the collected moisture outside so that the skin remains dry and breathes naturally.

Yarn is characterised by exceptional durability and resistance to damage, which ensures a long lifetime of clothing. The outer layer is anti-pilling. The addition of polyamide fibre improves the elasticity of the fabric and reduces air permeability towards the body.